Dear Resident,


Winter is fast approaching and along with that goes snow plowing.

 Just a few reminders to help make/keep winter a happier time for all of us.


  1. Any personal items left in the city right-of-way need to be removed.
  2. Mail boxes and paper boxes left out in the right-of-way, in the way of the plows, are your responsibility.  Items left in the right-of-way are left there at your own risk and could be struck by a snow plow during plowing. In the event that there is damage to a snow plow or other city equipment caused by items that you have left in the right-of-way you could be subject to reimbursing the City the cost of that damage.
  3. Cars, trucks, boats, trailers, misc. items all need to be removed for the plowing.
  4. When removing snow from your driveway do not snow blow or plow snow into the street.
  5. The city is not liable for damage of any sort to your personal property when left in the city right-of-way.
  6. Enclosed is a copy of the city ordinance concerning snowplowing, any questions please call city hall.


We are sorry for the inconvenience of the berm in your driveway but the snow has to be pushed out of the street, please cooperate with the maintenance crew as they plow the city streets.  Thanks in advance and have a great winter.



Spirit Lake City Staff, Mayor, Maintenance, Police




  5-2-4: Deposit of Snow, Ice, Rocks, or Debris:

  1. Unlawful Act: It is unlawful for any operator of snow removal equipment or the owner of any land upon which snow removal equipment is operated to place or otherwise permit, sanction, approve, or cause the placement of any snow onto public property or right-of-way upon its removal from privately owned land or for any person to deposit, cause to be deposited, thrown upon, or move onto any public property or right-of-way any ice, dirt, soil, rocks, or debris which has accumulated on any private property, that constites a safety hazard or impedance to city workers, and/or the general public.
  2. Penalty: Any violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed three hundred dollars ($300.00). (Ord. 464, 11-12-2002)


  6-1-3: Parking:

  1. No Parking Zones: There shall be no parking of any vehicles during the prohibited periods listed in subsection B of this section on Maine Street from the west city limits to 5th Avenue, inclusive.
  2. Dates; Hours;
    1. Prohibited calendar dates shall be from November 1 through March 31.
    2. Prohibited hours shall be from two thirty o'clock (2:30) A.M. through six thirty o'clock (6:30) A.M., inclusive.
  3. Snow Removal; Obstruction Prohibited: It shall be illegal for any vehicle to be parked in such a manner so as to inhibit snow removal operations after notification to the owner/operator by a city employee or official.
  4. Sign Placement: The police department shall cause the placement of the appropriate signs or barricades designating prohibited parking.
  5. Penalty: Any vehicle parked in violation of this section may be impounded at the owner's expense by direction of the mayor or a law enforcement officer. (Ord. 355, 11-19-1991; amd. 1995 Code)


  All city ordinances are available for review at City Hall and/or on this web site under City Code.